Rolfing® with Conscious Health Initiative is a dynamic, hands-on manipulation of the connective (soft-tissue/muscle) structures of the human body. Human Structural Integration Therapy offers functional relief for the psycho-physio-neurological consequences of chronic stress patterns in the human structure. The Rolfing® process is designed to complement and enhance the manipulation techniques used in chiropractic, osteopathy or cranio-sacral work.

The goals of Rolfing® are several:

  • Restore the balanced alignment of parallel body segments: shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
  • Awaken upright posture, which encourages uplifted movement through the core of the body.
  • Relieve chronic, stressful movement limitations and impaired mobility.
  • Open and relieve compressed, twisted or scarred tissue from past physical injuries.
  • Enhance athletic performance through heightened awareness of balance, mobility, and graceful movement.

The multi-session Rolfing® treatment process includes:

  • Physical manipulation of the plains of connective tissue associated with the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the joint structure.
  • Working through the chronic stiffness and pain in these soft tissue (muscular) structures by slowly eliciting a responsive release rather than rapidly or invasively provoking that release.
  • Movement education and coaching to enhance the physical changes.
  • Weekly one to one and a half hour process sessions, during which the client wears clothing which allows the Rolf®. Follow up advanced treatment sessions to monitor the structural realignment progress and enhance the application of the work.Practitioner to touch the upper back, hips and costal arch.

Robert Ahrens, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, experienced the Basic Rolfing® process in 1977. I (Robert) found that after my initial Rolfing® series, I could jump higher, had quicker reflexive response in tennis and basketball, my endurance for long bike rides noticeably increased, and I could dance with more grace and confidence. These valuable additions to my body consciousness inspired me to study anatomy, physiology and kinesiology at the University of Illinois, Chicago and the UIC College of Physical Therapy to prepare for my Basic (1979) and Advanced Training (1982) at the Rolf® Institute in Boulder, CO. I enhanced my treatment skills with studies of the Cranio-Sacral Therapy method with John Upledger and the Reiki Training. After 36 years of practice in the Rolf® Method, and 34 years as an Advanced Rolfer®, I still bring the same strength and enthusiasm to this gifted process.

If you have questions or want to make an appointment to experience the Rolf® Method of Structural Integration, please contact Robert Ahrens at 847 609-7174 or

A 24-hour advance cancellation notification is requested, or the client will be charged for the missed appointment.

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